Amelia’s Story

Amelia’s  Story

My story is a long one centered around a desire to realise a world of love and caring for others ,much of which was missing from my childhood.

Music especially singing and playing the piano offered me an escape route which was magnified when I was offered a place to study music at Canterbury Christ Church University. It was here that I met Prof Grenville Hancox who encouraged me to try and rid some of the demons that had plagued my life of eighteen years by immersing myself in musical activities based on ‘Caring through Singing’.

 Singing with other  students,  and then with Grenville’s community groups offered me some respite from my mental and physical torment further enhanced by the opportunity to sing and work alongside Canterbury Skylarks the first group he established for people with Parkinson’s.

Over the past six years I have gained mental strength from working with people whom I see as needing far more care and attention than I do and by singing and making music together have been able to share in an understanding which defines the very best of human conditions . The ability to love each other without condition encapsulated in the strap line of the charity established by Grenville, (Canterbury Cantata Trust) , ‘Caring through Singing’.

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As you will have seen from the video Grenville made when he came to visit me in hospital, this is exactly what happened! My ability to talk had disappeared through a hemilpigic migraine, and whilst the wonderful medics tried to find the correct  medicine to ameliorate the neurological imbalance, it was the simple and wonderful act of singing together that allowed my voice to be heard.

Now I want as many people as possible  to consider the place of singing as an intervention  for  a whole host of conditions that blight our world. Let us have Singing on Prescription, Sing to Beat Parkinson’s, Dementia, Cancer, COPD . Sing to Beat!

Amelia Rose-Hamilton

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