Monday Music caring for others

I am delighted to report that Monday Music contributed wonderfully to the concert that was given in St Peter’s Methodist Church on Saturday last, April 1. The concert shared with Lemon Zingers and the Swedish Umea Pop Choir was a really uplifting celebration through singing and demonstrated wonderfully our strap line caring through singing.

The event was to help raise funds for The Kelly Turner Fund, ( see The concert raised over £850.

So too tomorrow at 14.00 , St Paul’s Church, April 4th when  Canterbury Skylarks will be joined by some members of Pimlico and Medway Skylarks and  commemorate the bicentennial  anniversary of James Parkinson identifying the condition, singing to raise funds for Parkinsons UK.  Do come and support them, bring a cake maybe,  help  research, change attitudes, find a cure for Parkinson’s.


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